25 Best Restaurants in Richmond

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Can Can

What about the Can Can restaurant do you find that a good restaurant?

Karen Buchanan 322 days ago

25 restaurant

You should call it top 23 because 2 if them are closed

Keisha more than 1 year ago

Carena's Jamaican Grille

Check out Carena's their Island Fried Chicken Witt Rice and Peas is to die for.

Terri more than 2 years ago

#25... Is it Don Pepe or Comfort?

OK you got our attention! So # 25 is not listed here and I figure it must be either Don Pepe or Comfort. Which is it?

Cindy Abbate more than 2 years ago


I'm a Chester native and was so excited when Sapori opened. We sorely need better quality restaurants here. However, I was disappointed with a lackluster salad and lasagna that frankly could not hold a candle to places like Carrabas, Brio and Maggianos. The pasta was mushy and the sauce heavy and salty. Perhaps we should try again...

Suzanne more than 2 years ago


You are correct as a Chester native, I would not consider Sapori on the best 25 restaurants. Big chain Italian restaurants have better food. I bet the folks who made it on this list probably paid to be on it. Some restaurants are legit but others make you wonder.

xlopez more than 1 year ago

Incomplete list...

The title is 25 Best Restaurants in Richmond...but the list only contains 24...just wondering what number 25 is.

SL more than 2 years ago

A Clarification

I've received a great deal of offline feedback about my Olive Garden post. I was simply voicing my personal opinion. Sbarro, Bertucci's, Macaroni Grill, Maggiano's, all fantastic, authentic, Italian restaurants. That said, none are better than Mama Fuschetti's home cooking.

Kyle Fuschetti more than 2 years ago

Olive Garden on Broad

I know, I know. It's a chain but as an Italian American, I find this to be the best in town.

Kyle Fuschetti more than 2 years ago

Haha.. good one

ummmm .... nasty. You are kidding right?

jeffro more than 2 years ago

Olive Garden - Oh My!

I have never understood the popularity of Olive Garden. So mediocre.

Glenda more than 1 year ago

Soups and sauces

The only thing fresh from olive garden is their soups and sauces which are the only things made freash daily everything else is premade or in bags so no olive garden doesn't belong on this list everything they make you can make the same way at home their pasta is even dried like the pasta they sale in grocery stores

Portia Massenburg more than 1 year ago

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