Taco Town

FEA_TACOS_Taqueria Panchito_pollo al carbon taco_JAYPAUL_rp0321.jpg

Tacos are an iconic food.We recently embarked on an edible journey across the region — one that definitely involved some car tacos — to explore these handheld bites of joy.

Richmond is abundant in stands, trucks, trailers, restaurants and markets, from newcomers to longstanding establishments, that are devoted to these versatile vessels. We tracked down fresh tortillas and homemade salsas, family-owned taquerias that double as hubs for the Latin community, dunkable quesabirria tacos and more.

Whether you’re a purist who favors a trio of Mexican street-style tacos with double-lined tortillas generously topped by cilantro and onion or you’re an adventurous eater looking for a playful, contemporary rendition, eighty-six the utensils and dive into the fun and dynamic world of tacos.

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