2016 City Election Guide


On Tuesday, Nov. 8, Richmonders will usher in a new era of leadership in local government at a moment when, most agree, the city is experiencing a renaissance in spite of its politicians. Choosing a new mayor, nine Council representatives and nine School Board members who are in step with residents is crucial to preserving the momentum.

After following the race from day one, we have distilled each mayoral hopeful’s candidacy down to a short profile. We also revisited the question we first posed in our November 2015 issue: What does Richmond need in its next mayor?

Not to be forgotten, we delved into the down-ticket races, identifying six (three for council and three for School Board) that are sure to be hard-fought. Plus, read up on the frustration driving the council cycle, as well as the questions facing the incoming School Board.

Before you trek to your polling place on Election Day, ask yourself: What type of city do I want to live in? Which candidates best represent my ideal? And who is capable of delivering it?

What will go down as one of the most bizarre mayoral elections in city history is reaching peak mania. Read more

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A rundown of the candidates for Richmond's top office Read more


The consensus on priorities: financial management, public schools, basic services Read more


A closer look at the 2nd, 4th and 6th district contests Read more

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Among the TBD items: a dedicated funding source for schools, an overhaul for outdated facilities and what's next for Superintendent Dana Bedden Read more


More on the contests in the 1st, 5th and 6th districts Read more


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