Snapshots of Stella

Photos and facts from the life of one of Richmond's longest-tenured chefs | Photos courtesy Stella Dikos



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What an informative story about a remarkable and unforgettable woman! I had no idea about her history and the impact she has made on so many lives! When I moved here from Germany in 1982 as a new mom, my friend would take me to Stella's frequently because it reminded so much of the gasthauses in the German villages where I lived and missed terribly! Most recently, my daughter purchased a delicious cheese spread from one of the Stella Markets. I am now inspired to visit Stella's again!

Cheryl Moss more than 1 year ago


What a lovely story of a lovely woman. I used to hang in The Village while still in high school in the early 70's.

Donna Benton more than 1 year ago

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