Review: Little Nickel

The vacation vibe and strong Tiki drinks at Little Nickel help cover for some culinary misfires | Photos by Alexis Courtney



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Unhappy Hour

My girlfriend and I visited Little Nickel a month ago on a Friday afternoon. We arrived early to take advantage of their Happy Hour which started at 4:00. Waitress greeted us and gave us menus, including a Happy Hour food menu card. She came back a few minutes later to take out order. We started with drinks and this is when things got strange. She told us that happy hour was only for people sitting at the bar. Not the entire restaurant . What??!! Same for the happy hour menu she had given us when we sat down. Only for the bar patrons. I looked over at the fully seated bar area and counted 9 bar stools. “So you’re telling me that only 9 people are entitled to happy hour prices during happy hour?” “Yep” was her answer. We were pretty amazed at the response and all went downhill afterwards.

Betsy Coffield more than 1 year ago

Little Nickel

Disagree with your review hubby and I went on a Friday night waited 20min was treated politely including being visited at our table by J the owner and when our leftovers were packaged he sent us home with a large slice of chocolate pie. I have told my friends in the Tennis Community that it is a must try...Yum and will return because we are imagination in preparation. 4.5 starrrrrs

Teresa May more than 1 year ago

Hubby Dearest

"my Hubby", "sent us home with a large slice of chocolate pie", "Tennis Community", "foodies"... Get over yourself idiot.

George Martin more than 1 year ago


I laughed out loud at hubby then showed my table tennis community. That’s great!

Taney more than 1 year ago

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