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Good but not amaaaaaaazing

This recipe definitely called out to me when I was reading through Jeni's cookbook. I made the graham gravel today, and had a few issues with it - I only needed 8 graham crackers, not 13, to get a cup of crumbs. I was asked to add the salt at two places in the recipe. And it took a lot longer than the time specified to cook (I have an oven thermometer) to a rich brown, and after 30 minutes it still wasn't really a rich brown, but I took it out anyways. Finally, I thought that the gravel was good, but not amazing. We had it on a few flavors of ice cream and it detracted from those flavors, but I think I'll try the rest on lemon ice cream and see if it becomes more special. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't as good as I was expecting it to be based on the ingredients. It would probably be more helpful if we had a Jeni's store near us so I could try hers in the shop to compare to what I made :)

Sonya more than 7 years ago

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