Rooting Interest

Celeriac, aka celery root, might look unlovable, but as many of the city’s top kitchens know, few winter vegetables are more versatile, or more exciting, to work with



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Celery root = Thanksgiving staple!

I've been making celeriac gratin for holiday meals, both Thanksgiving and Christmas, since the '80s. The recipe is one from the NY Times by my longtime foodie-chef-hero Pierre Franey, and it never fails. Celery root is one of the most under-appreciated root vegetables on the planet. The flavor and texture are superb, it's flexible af (you can use it in anything: soups, casseroles, shredded in salads and stir fry, the list is endless). You can almost always find it at Ellwood's and often at Kroger and Wegmans. Go get some, and start playing!

Mighty Casey more than 2 years ago

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