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RVADine’s top stories of 2018, goodbyes and hellos, and festive bites to bring in 2019



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Thank you so much for the correction. We appreciate it. John Maher has done an amazing job and deserves to be recognized and congratulated for his efforts and accomplishments! Again, thanks for listening!

Marrin Maher 175 days ago


Rogue was SOLD--it is not just "closing"--get your facts straight. Perhaps if you had contacted the owners you would have the correct information . Our employees are taken care of and the sale was because of all the success of many new ideas and a brand built by John Maher over 5 years.

Marrin Maher 175 days ago


We placed a clarification at the top of the story and within the text.

Susan Winiecki 175 days ago


Thank you, Susan! Happy New Year!

Marrin Maher 175 days ago


Thank you, Susan - Happy New Year!

Marrin Maher 175 days ago

Stoplight Gelato

So long until spring 2019.

Ronnie PItman 177 days ago

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