Stone Brewing Co. Soft Opens Today

Stop by the Stone Company Store for pints, growler fills and merchandise.



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Pints vs Barrels

Hi - not sure if it's a typo, but I can't see how 255 barrels could equal 248 pints. Beyond that, I live in the Philly area. If I can make down to Richmond, i'll definitely stop by - no matter how big the pints are! ;)

Jim more than 5 years ago


248 pints equals 1 barrel, so 55,800 pints in a 225 barrel brew.

Dave more than 5 years ago

Thank you!

Thank you, gentlemen! That 55,800 is the figure we actually have (keep an eye out for it in our Local section in the new March issue), but I somehow went from Point A to Point C and completely forgot Point D when trying to break this news. The post is now updated. Thank you for reading and mentioning! Very much appreciated on both counts.

Stephanie Breijo more than 5 years ago

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