Creating a Safe Space

Chefs Joe Sparatta and Jason Alley team up to start a chapter of Ben’s Friends, a restaurant industry support group for those struggling with addiction



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Refuge Recovery RVA/ Buddhist based

Almost 2 years strong in RVA now, Refuge Recovery offers a buddhist inspired path to recovery from all addictions and is a terrific supplement to other programs. This is not 12-step but does implement the Buddha's 8 Fold Path. We start each week w/ a short reading from the book, Refuge Recovery by Noah Levine (the founder which now has more than 200 meetings worldwide), followed by a 20 minute guided meditation, and open sharing/discussion at the end. All are welcome and we meet Thursday nights at 7:30 @ 4500 Kensington in the Friends Meeting Center. We'd love to have you going our growing Sangha. Email with any questions!

Joe more than 3 years ago

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