Announcing the 2019 Elby Nominees

The annual regional dining honors will be awarded April 28 at Hardywood West Creek



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Missed the mark

How is Ironclad not nominated for best coffee shop!? It’s a beautiful spot and the coffee is amazing.

James Nolan more than 3 years ago

Reddit Thread

This reddit thread is spot-on:

NayNay more than 3 years ago

What a joke

Are these just the businesses that pay for ads in your magazine?! Just host a private event to pay homage to your clients rather than putting down the rest of the industry that doesn't pay to advertise in your rag. Unfortunately there are countless restaurants in RVA that will never get the recognition they deserve because of money and politics. I suggest to anyone reading, do your own research before listing to such biased malarkey.

William Harrison more than 3 years ago

The Elbys Process

Nominations come in from surveys sent to those working within the dining community and those who cover it, and were reviewed by an independent panel. Richmond magazine does not participate in the nomination survey process or judging process.

mandy ( more than 3 years ago

True Elblys Process

Don't patronize me with or anyone else with sad excuse for a response. If you think that people are going to fall for that reply, you are obviously underestimating the industries intelligence.

Tell me, does the "dining community" ever eat outside the Fan/downtown? Do they simply eat at the same four restaurants every year? Are "those who cover it" the same people always seen at the same places biassed?

You may not participate in the actual process but the implications are as clear as day. We all know the cliques that exists within the community.

The description says "region" yet your restaurant nominations do not exceed the city limits. You are misleading your readers and newcomers to the area.

If what you said was true, you wouldn't have to defend or justify the nominations.

William Harrison more than 3 years ago

Elby's nominees

I'm over people complaining about the Elby's. This is a gift to the Richmond dining community, a way to lift them up and call out great work for people to appreciate. All of these nominees are worthy and should be proud.

I'm genuinely curious to hear who William Harrison would like to see nominated that's been omitted. I'd also challenge him to find advertising in Richmond Magazine from many of these businesses, and I'd challenge him to find just how many restaurants advertise with R Mag that are NOT nominated.

This 'conspiracy' mindset, here and on that super trolly Reddit thread, needs to stop. No one's getting their backs scratched. No one's showing favoritism to their friends. The restaurants and individuals nominated (by other industry professionals) are doing exceptional work. Maybe other people are too, but their PEERS failed to nominate them.

Ted Reed more than 3 years ago


If a tree falls in the middle of the forest, but no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Michael Scarn more than 3 years ago

Solid choices

Elbys are bogus! Bogus! Unless tay doh wins.

Taylor Nuckols more than 3 years ago

Best New Restaurant Snub

Little Nickel best new restaurant nomination, but totally overlooking Tiny Victory? What are you all smoking? Doesn’t a place have to sell real food to be considered a restaurant? I really question that panels judgment...

Gina Harrison more than 3 years ago

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