Count Your Blessings, Richmond

The city has evolved into one of the most exciting food capitals in the South



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Welcome to Richmond

I can't speak for all of RVA, but my friends DO appreciate what we have. Longoven was sold out long before BA took notice, but we never saw you at any of their dinners. You've highlighted the busiest, most acclaimed spots in town, something any out-of-towner could do. What about Nick's Deli, Mamusu's, Helen's, Panchito, La Milpa, Elsa's, or any of our other 'hidden gems?' Maybe you should get to know our city a bit better before you tell us how to appreciate it.

Io Burke 285 days ago

Yes we do

Richmonders know plenty well how good we have it and that's why the restaurants you mention thrive. Please keep it on the DL as we like our city not to be overrun by DC/NYC/Jersey transplants.

Matt Hurns 288 days ago


As long as your city continues to have monuments to traitors to the country, I woudln't worry to much about that.

Tim 258 days ago

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