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You should start an online poll; the city is rich in history from being the center of power for the Powhatan Confederacies Capital to the Capital of the Confederate States of American. When looking at Richmond's power with industry it is rich in tobacco, its iron works, to its mills. To Richmond's rich history in individuals of all races from it's artist, writers, captains of industry, to the people of Jackson Ward helping found the country of Liberia and the White literate helping found the historic confederacy of America. The city that I see today is a city that is still history in the making and from our rich past here in Richmond I hope to see a city that is being developed and Walter Parks said something along the lines of our city is like a row of teeth. It's important to try and keep the teeth you have, and try and save the teeth that are rotting and to fill in the gaps respectfully saving the past yet building on the past to usher in a future rich in architecture. When looking at Richmond and it's potential with it's many hills and our own amazing central park with class A rapids going through the center and with Richmond's central park I hope to see the River front plan fully implemented. I also have grand hopes for the cities core art district with the recent facade grant program through sponsorship with Altria. I hope that along with tax incentives captains of industry can bring the core back to life, and when looking at the core hopefully Manchester is not left behind. I also hope that the city does something to change the way the schools systems are operated to not only have more children graduating but to have these children learn the importance of giving your time to volunteer in your community and some sort of program offered for a senior project which is done in many counties around the commonwealth having the youth come up with ideals to better their locality and implementing them for a grade. I hope that one day the counties can look to the city school for models of inspiration. I also hope to see better methods of public transportation, why is the GRTC so political, I'll just say there is a reason why Chesterfield owns so much of the company. I also hope that our city hall can stop being so corrupt, all of this wasteful spending, and no one speaks up, there are issues of transparency. Also maybe those who are there are worried about facing a defamation lawsuit, I hope that one day City Hall can come together and the bureaucracy builds a better Richmond. I hope that the city can develop more facade grants for more core neighborhoods. I also hope to see the Richmond Art Master Plan bring together our city building upon our history. Finally I hope that Richmond can one day be a city where everyone can walk out their door and step into a beautiful safe city.

Marcus Squires more than 6 years ago

Desegregated Richmond

I want to read the real stories of segregation that still exist in our city so we can face them and overcome them.

Larkin more than 6 years ago

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