Dancing in the Streets

Richmond’s contemporary era of street festivals began 45 years ago with the June Jubilee



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June jubilee

I remember the first June Jubilee like it was yesterday. And I remember those two women. Pam Reynolds is the closest thing to Richmond royalty I have ever known. She is as gracious as she is genius. I performed Afternoon off a Faun with a dancer from Tidewater Ballet in one of the little circus like tents when I was 15. My boyfriend brought me a rose, my parents stood back stage and Gene Hammitt jumped up and applauded when it was over. I don’t think anyone else in the audience understood they had just watched a Jerome Robbins ballet tribute to Nijinsky. It didn’t matter it was a heavenly experience. Thanks so much for the memory and the reminder of what these ladies did for Richmond.

Elizabeth Patterson 193 days ago

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