Virginia Women’s Monument Takes a Pre-curtain Bow

An idea to recognize women's contributions to the state is coming to fruition | Photos by Jay Paul



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Further Clarification

Daniel & Company Inc. is the Design-Build Contractor that designed and then built the plaza in conjunction with Commonwealth Architects who is the design team lead of record who we hired to assist us. Cite-Designs is the Landscape Architect hired by Commonwealth Architects. StudioEIS is only fabricating/placing the statues.

StudioEIS & 1717 Design Group certainly deserve recognition for their beautiful conceptual design that was chosen by The Virginia Women’s Monument Commission but Daniel & Company Inc. and Commonwealth Architects and team are responsible for making the concept a reality and finalizing a buildable design. Daniel & Company Inc. is the General Contractor in charge of building the plaza or fabricating/creating the memorial.

Web Martin more than 3 years ago


1717 is no longer associated with the project. The plaza landscape architect is CITE Design and Commonwealth Architects is the architect of record for the project.

Robert Burns more than 3 years ago

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