The Wizards Are Here

Washington's NBA team comes to Richmond for training camp



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Basketball among the college-aged youths

With the explosion of fad sports like Lacrosse and Soccer in the American Athletic Landscape (AAL) it is refreshing to see VCU support professional Hoops and get some exposure for the Washington Wizards in Richmond. I didn't even know students cared so much about basketball- hearing the excitement of aforementioned VCU grad student Jeremy Teller was refreshing in a world where every last kid wants to be Messy Rolando or whatever. Mr. Teller is an inspiration for us all. He's the one who is probably on the basketball court as I type this, doing catch-and-shoots with his friend until he's hit 10 3's in a row. He's the one who is dominating against much larger and athletic players, using his Basketball IQ and graft to makeup for any physical deficiencies. Basketball is certainly close to Jeremy Teller's heart, and it fills me with pride to see youths like him taking interest in Hoops and hopefully teaching his children to love the Game in the same way. Tonight when I go to Cary Street Gym to roast some youths on the basketball court, I will keep my eyes open for Mr. Teller. I have no doubt I'll see him down in the trenches somewhere either boxing someone out or setting a pick or playing great help-side defense.

Ben more than 3 years ago

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