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Petersburg makes strides toward financial health, but hurdles remain

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RBG Petersburh Truth

Here is a story from Richmond magazine; mostly a puff piece on the Robert Bobb Group. There are some telling quotations/statements in here.

• Robert Bobb talks about getting the grass cut. In spite of one of the RBG’s bait and switch maneuvers to take technology money and spend it on special lawnmowers (which they claimed would be used to maintain the city as well as the golf course), the grass didn’t get cut by the city until Ferrell-Benavides took over.
• Sam Parham praises outsourcing as a great means of saving, yet the example cited in the article (facilities and maintenance) has since been reversed by the city.
• Rosalyn Dance comments that the RBG has “gained our confidence that they are moving in the right direction”.
• The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is cited as the source of the $20M needed to rebuild the city’s rainy day fund – you know, that “undesignated balance” that Bobb has a plan to spend on all kind of different things, the antithesis of money set aside for a rainy day – when in fact it was just tacked onto the CAFR presentation by Bobb as another pro-privatization scare tactic. Copied from Clean Sweep Petersburg

Gina Harrison more than 2 years ago

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