On Track?

The city has grand — and expensive — plans for the Main Street Station train shed, but the details are fuzzy



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Slavery Museum Opportunity

Why not dedicate part of the complex towards the slavery museum?

Marcus more than 6 years ago

main street station shopping

We have high-end restaurants and shopping in the city and while it's lovely to go window shopping in Carytown those of us who live in the city center (and there are a lot of us, now) need practical, affordable stores for real life like a Home Goods, Macy's, or DSW...we have to drive to surrounding counties to do that kind of shopping...we would love to spend our tax dollars in support of our community but more showcase retailers are not going to benefit those of us who actually live here...

Patti Wright more than 6 years ago

Main Street SHopping

The city doesn't decide where the retailers go--the retailers do. The stores you mention want big box locations with big parking lots. Tearing gaping holes in the city so you don't have to drive so far to Target is not the way to go. They built a fake city in Short Pump for you if convenient shopping is what you want.

El Greene more than 6 years ago

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