Morrissey to Marry 19-year-old, Run for Senate



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joe morrissey

She's a grown ass woman and can talk to a man100 years old if she want. Spend 6 months minding your own business the 6 months leave there's alone.

paula cross more than 6 years ago

People should mind their own freaking business! OMG

People should mind their own freaking business!

Silver Spoon more than 6 years ago

I thought he was disbarred...

He also served time in prison TWICE! ONCE was for contributing to the deliquency of a minor and child pornography for sharing nude photos of his "child bride" here when she was 17...HE PLED GUILTY! So, who is dumb enough to believe is a bit more on this skeezbag's history:
He was indicted and acquitted of five bribery, perjury, and misuse of public funds charges as commonwealth's attorney, and was suspended and reinstated to the post a number of times.
Other notable incidents, summarized by the Richmond Times-Dispatch's Meredith Newman: a 90-day jail sentence in 1998 for breaking court rules by talking to reporters on a drug case, an assault and battery conviction in 1999, and a 90-day jail term in 2000 for a probation violation on the 1998 conviction after ------Morrissey "lied when he denied attempting to bribe a Habitat for Humanity construction supervisor to falsely state that Morrissey had completed his community service."
--After that probation violation, he was disbarred in Virginia and banned from practicing in federal court.
--He then moved to Ireland to teach law, leaving after local media caught wind of his disbarment and jail stints. Then he went to Australia to teach law, but returned to the US in 2006 after his record in the US came to light and he was denied a law license.
--Not missing a beat, he won a House of Delegates seat the next year.
--Perhaps his most notable moment in the Delegates was the time he brandished an unloaded AK-47 on the House floor to make a point about gun control

M Smullen more than 6 years ago

Where are her parents?

I'm not saying it's wrong or right. I really just want to know whe re the hell this girls mom and dad are and one step further what was she doing at the law office working. I am a 36 year old blk/jap woman who has been attracted to older men since I was 16 but I always knew that there was a proper way to do things and it was by laying with them. I feel sorry that she is obviously has no one around her that is given her wise talk about her situation or what this child she had life is going to be like.

Ms. Young more than 6 years ago


I bet if the girl wasn't black nobody would even care.

Grown more than 6 years ago

too young to even realize

Black or White a child is a child! She is wise yet he has so many years and experiences over her! She has clue what is to be in adult relationship yet! Especially with a pervert That she doesn't even realize he is one! Because she is to young to knw! he is a senior citizen she haven't even begun to live her life! WHERE IS HER PARENTS!

carren more than 6 years ago

I Agree!

That was my question, Where are her parents?

Ms Shirley more than 6 years ago

Joe Morrisey

Joe M. is a very sick man! And she is just a confused child.

Stanley Hopkins more than 6 years ago

No longer a child

People need to get over the term "child" when referring to Myrna Pride. She is not a child, she is a young adult and a mother. And I think this would have gotten attention no matter what the woman's race was. It got attention because it involved Joe Morrisey. Period. If she did not understand adult relationships before she graduated from HS then she was gypped of part of her education, be it in the school or at home. And the learning only really begins once you are in one. I don't see what all the fuss is really about other than mud slinging a man we all already know is more than a tad off.

Lesley more than 6 years ago

Joe Morrissey

Really, this is wrong on so many levels!

Debra more than 6 years ago


Why is this wrong?

James Duddles more than 6 years ago

Speaks for itself

^^dim bulb

Bleu more than 6 years ago

Dear wrong

Really, you don't know, what really does a 58 y.o man have in common with a 19 y.o. girl, you not considered an adult until 21, and some times it takes longer than that. Sex is about it, you definitely can't talk about remember when if its before the late 1990's. So really?

rob more than 6 years ago

She is an Adult

She can vote for who she wants to run the country and she can join the military and fight in a war. She is an adult.

Lesley more than 6 years ago

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