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Conceptual Maggie Walker monument plan does not include live oak tree



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On The Chopping Block

Glasser nail it: “It’s a very hushed way to do things”. As with most City projects. And no, Ms. Parker, the debate is NOT about Maggie Walker, it's about destroying a tree to erect a statue! The Richmond Urban Forestry Commission unanimously supported a large memorial being built on a vastly larger site along W. Leigh Street. There was never any opposition to a Maggie Walker memorial. The racially charged rhetoric amounts to pot-stirring. It's a smokescreen. If UFC recommendations would have been followed, there would be a glorious statue to celebrate a great woman, and a valuable tree too, with ZERO controversy, and none of the unfortunate predjudicial language being used to describe TREE.

Janine Lester more than 4 years ago

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