Redeveloping Downtown

Mayor's plan follows effort initiated by private investors



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I don't think it is a bad idea to have an RFP for replacing the Colesium rather than merely take unsolicited offers. But the article makes it appears that the structure of the RFP attempts to make this a massive 10-block multi-use multi-modal redevelopment rather just about replacing the arena. That seems too ambitious and likely the type of thing that will incur delay after delay and ultimately even if a design proposal is agreed upon it probably won't secure financing from lenders. It all just seems destined to fail.

The current boom in redevelopment in RVA is not mega projects. It is private investments on a building by building basis in areas like Scott's Addition, Manchester and residential renovations in Church Hill and Northside. The city should learn from that. For this RFP I'd narrow the scope a bit to just the blocks the arena is on and wherever any new parking would go.

Paul S more than 2 years ago

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