Navy Hill Progress Check

An operator for the proposed downtown arena has been announced as the proposal continues to work its way through commission meetings and community discussions



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Admissions Tax

"We will compete with Charlottesville. Shows will not bypass Richmond anymore."

I wouldn't bet on it. Shows get booked in Charlottesville instead of Richmond because they have no admissions tax and in Richmond it's 7%. If your profit margin on a show in Richmond is 10%, in Charlottesville it's 17%. No wonder they get better traveling acts despite being a smaller city. Everyone supporting Navy Hill is sure it's going to profitable, but they won't build it with their own money. How telling.

Dan Warner more than 2 years ago

Dan is spot on

Great post Dan. This is the kind of stuff rarely published for the public to see. Also of note is that JPJ in Charlottesville is managed by ASM Global (FKA SMG) which is the considered the most well connected agency in entertainment. Seriously doubt Navy Hill would be able to compete.

Richard C more than 2 years ago

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