Should the city raise taxes to boost school funding?

Mayor's referendum proposal draws mixed reaction



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Festering problem

It is not the current mayor and city council that created this problem. Richmond has been grossly shortsighted in budgeting for schools for over 30 years and now we are reaching the crisis point in dealing with it. The current administration can now either continue to put off the funding the school district needs to correct past neglect or they can step up and make the hard choices to bring up our schools to the point that our children can SAFELY get an education. I'm guessing Mr. Hilbert doesn't have children attending RPS or he wouldn't be so adamant about playing Russian roulette with their safety. How about we just wait until the ceiling falls on a child? Oh wait, that already happened this year......

Paul more than 3 years ago

No need for security detail....

He's not the president nor the Govenor. He's the mayor. Just a citizen who's taken on the responsibility to be mayor. He should drive himself and maybe have some help navigating the multi title of things he needs to get done but 500k security detail.... Nope....

Chris more than 3 years ago

Better Management Needed Instead

There is always an insistence from politicians that in order to do something you need more money. The problem with that mantra is that it usually relieves those responsible for poor management and inefficiency in getting jobs done. The public will balk at paying more taxes if they don't have faith their money is being spent wisely. And until we are confident that throwing more money at a problem will fix it, we would just as soon hold off until we believe for sure that it's going to do some good.

Brad Froman more than 3 years ago

Enough is enough

Instead of raising citizens' taxes, end the corporate welfare for Redskins, Center Stage, Venture Richmond, etc.

Scott Burger more than 3 years ago

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