A Change Worth Making

The ups and downs of going booze-free in the restaurant industry



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Thank you!

Thanks for sharing in this sweet and inspiring piece. I have always respected you from afar- now only more so!
Sending good wishes your way.

Mari Valentenyi more than 2 years ago


Congratulations in so many ways, most of all for the new addition to the family, but in no small part to having the courage to change. And about those trials of age, never forget what I've said "you're not just old, you're ugly too". Except this is really beautiful man. Thanks for sharing that big country boy heart of yours.

David Hunsaker more than 2 years ago

Bravely written!

Congratulations to Jason on getting to sobriety, and for bravely sharing your story in public. People will respect you even more for understanding your journey, and by going public you have increased your support system 100-fold. Thank you for sharing.

S Green more than 2 years ago

Catherine Farmer

Celebrated ten years dober on Sunday. Best decision of my life. No 12 step, just the help of friends and a desire to have life be happier and easier. Congratulations!

Catherine Farmer more than 2 years ago

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