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May Lily Lee Firing

I remain perplexed at and disappointed in the abrupt termination of Ms lee as the host of Virginia Currents, a program that was a hallmark of Virginia public television's devotion to and interest in our state and its people.
The subsequent programming under the direction of Daphne Maxwell Reid has lacked the insight and warmth of her predecessor. Virginia Currents is now a different program altogether and is not at all reflective of Virginia life, particularly small town and rural life.
Perhaps a replacement for Curtis Monk is appropriate.

Charles R. Green more than 5 years ago

May Lily Lee Firing

As a retired HR Professional, a former company EEO committee chair, AND a dedicated viewer of WCVE, I am appalled with the treatment you afforded May Lily, and the manner in which you terminated her long service. By Email??? Really! From the evidence available, you were scrambling to scrape up excuses with which to support your actions. Had I acted in the manner in which you did, when I was a practicing professional, I would quickly have followed her out the door -- and rightly so. Shame. I suggest that the persons involved in May Lilly's termination, including your HR staffer, step down because of what appears to be underhanded unprofessionalism. Your actions have convinced me not to contribute support.

Robert Kotrba more than 6 years ago

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