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There’s a second city growing west of Short Pump, as three new projects are developing an area equivalent in size to The Fan



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Not the Fan

Each of these grand developments that are mentioned are "traffic-locked". They may be fabulous within themselves - with their grocery stores, townhomes, and restaurants - but the walkability TO these places, if you don't already live in them, is poor. A wonderful feature of the Fan is that you can walk to the stores and restaurants from your house. But the complete lack of sidewalks and crossing lights here in Short Pump means that none of these great developments are accessible to me as a resident of Short Pump, even though I live only a mile from two mentioned in the article.

I also found the quote in the article from a Short Pump resident to be telling - how traffic in Short Pump, compared to Northern Virginia, is really nothing. So yes, if you are a transplant from Northern Virginia, Short Pump is a great find. But for those of us Richmonders who have been residents of Short Pump all along, what is happening to this part of town is becoming ridiculous.

Henrico County has approved all kinds of projects without robust urban planning that would take into account walkability, quality of life, traffic, etc.

Short Pump used to be an oasis from the crowdedness of the closer-in suburbs. But now that every green space left in short pump is being co-opted for dense clusters of townhouses, shops and restaurants, living in this part of town is starting to feel like a curse.

MW more than 4 years ago

Need some udpates

I don't like to be that picky reader, but... this article reads as out of date. I actually scrolled up to check when it was published.

"Also, b.good, a fast-food chain that features healthy fare including kale and grain bowls and seasonal fresh vegetables, has signed a lease there." b.good has been open for several weeks.

"There also will be a Mellow Mushroom and a Starbucks." Starbucks has been open for several weeks and Mellow Mushroom opened May 8.

Also, please double-check the size of the West Broad Marketplace development: "The 40,000-square-foot development is anchored by Wegmans and a Cabela’s outdoor megastore." Wegman's is more than 100,000 SF on its own.

Kristi M. more than 4 years ago

Why compare it to the fan? Not even close

The Fan has over 4000+ residential units and over 13,000 people at around 260 acres.

These developments have 794 residential units that I could count, 3/4's of which are 'luxury' apts and condos.
You actually have to build density if you want a "second city", two rows of townhouses aren't gonna cut it.

Robin P more than 4 years ago

These new TH developments never have yards

It seems like these new townhouse centric developments are nearly always built with no rear yard. They just basically just have an alley with a garage access. I'll never understand what the point of being in the suburbs without a yard is. I'm in Church Hill in Richmond and I have a yard and a walkable community. Te yard makes having my dog so much easier. And it is nice to be able to unwind with a beer in an adirondack chair under the shade of a large tree after a long day of work. To not have a yard is basically having a house that is basically a souped up condo...

Paul S more than 4 years ago

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