To Live and Die in Creighton Court

For decades the city steered its poorest African-American residents to dense housing projects. Now, it’s launching a massive plan to repair the damage inflicted upon families in a community where good intentions aren’t enough.



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Violence and Crime

Why do the residents not call the police when they hear gun shots? As long as they tolerate or ignore the violence its never going to go away, I don't understand.

Daphne more than 5 years ago

Widen the scope

One of the ways the City claws back money it spends on public assistance housing is through its regressive water utility rates. It is outrageous that small volume residential citizens can pay as much as 78% of their water/sewer bill for service charges, while some above average volume users can pay as little as 11%.

Scott more than 5 years ago

How is it just One project out of all Midlothian Village can use definitely the help of building something new a better


Karina more than 5 years ago

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