Changing Reels

With outside productions, guerrilla moviemaking and countless festivals, has Richmond become a real film town?

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Great read. So many more credited Actors/Actresses,Producers/Directors/Crew living working here.
KEVIN HERSHBERGER, Producer , Many credits ,V M I GRAD. LEGENDS AND LIES HIS PRODUCTION MOST FILMED HERE. Actors from here most therein, Floyd Henderson More Sag credits than others here. in several Productions now here and away.Ken Peebles ,terrific Actor more busy than others in article. BILLY CALDWELL, husband of The Late "LIZ MARKS" of UPTOWN Talent the embryo casting Agency in area and still operating, DOTAY KAHIL,Actor/Producer/Director of of zomby movies currently in production of whicvh an actress is named inyour article. and how about the local credited actor with appearances in more Movies/TV, Mni-series,Documentaries,Commercials than any other ,who had speaking part just prior To GOVERNOR BALILES in TRUE COLORS at Jefferson Hotel stairs staring Jack Lemmon ,had lnuch with DEMI MOORE,BRUCE WILLIS AND THEIR GIRLS AND RICHARD GERE AT SAME SETTING ON OUR CAPITOL GROUNDS and more. APPEARED in RFF at BYRD as parent of local entrepenour..
YOUR article could be extended and get some fascinating stories from various productions that would be interesting read for our community of every age

DONALD CAMPEN more than 6 years ago

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