A Drink with a View

The overdue rise of Richmond’s rooftop bars



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No to Katana...

From my OpenTable review: What a horrible experience. And that is a shame considering looking forward to going, since it opened. Positive: The view is breathtaking. The place is new, looks it, and has a ultra modern, Miami vibe. Negative: EVERYTHING else. 10 minute wait to be seated even though had a reservation and arrived early. Mimosa's are made of Champagne and orange juice, right? Even your menu states so. We got sparkling wine and no juice. Had to ask for it. Brunch came out greasy, without butter, salt, pepper, or anything else. Asked for them, they arrive 30 minutes later, after we were finished eating. A whole stick of butter cut in half, LOL. Advertise a dress code? How about enforcing it. People walking around in flip flops, with shirt off. Live music during brunch? Great. Maybe don't have the volume up to 11. Setup a DJ booth in front of your kitchen door? Smart, because that is where our table is too. Manager more concerned about where to setup booth selling sunglasses, more so than diner experience. A spectacular view does not make up for poor service, attitudes, cruddy food, et all. Want the rooftop experience in Richmond? Go to Quirk or buy a ladder for your own house.

Marie more than 3 years ago

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