A New Season at VSU



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Small minded

I only met Miller once. I walked away feeling he was small minded. His focus was too narrow and also sounded like it was more important to hold on to HBCU traditions as opposed to doing whatever needed to be done to be successful. I hate that the school is so beholden to federal and state financial aid that without it we had the mess that we had. That's not a Miller issue, but one of our issues as a black school. Maybe the new president from Hampton will bring in ideas which maintained them so they could be financially solvent.

Tyrin more than 5 years ago

Hail State!

Great Article. I am one of the few Dr. Miller supporters. He was used as a scapegoat. The board agreed to the budget also but he was the only one let go. Dr. Hammond should get the job. It would be crazy if she doesn't at this point. Her main focus now should be reducing crime on campus and raising the academic requirements to get into VSU

KJ more than 5 years ago

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