'Better with Bedden?'

Richmond Public Schools Superintendent Dana Bedden faces the toughest challenge of his career in one of the state’s poorest public school districts. Can he overcome the politics, disrepair and dysfunction and turn around RPS?



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Career Criminal

Beddon fouled up the William Penn School District in Pennsylvania before he fouled up the Richmond County School District in Georgia, before he was fired by the Irving, Texas Independent School District where he fomented racial discord between the predominantly white school board and the minority citizens.

It's amazing that all these school districts can do some simple research before allowing this guy to ransack their own district. He's made quite a career of it.

David more than 6 years ago

Accuracy counts when pointing the finger

These are very broad statements. I googled him and his previous school districts, read the newspaper accounts, etc. of his time there and find no evidence of what you are stating. Get specific or stop the slander.

Carolyn Simpson more than 6 years ago

Please don't cut the Arts from our schools!


Molly Todd more than 6 years ago

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