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Richmond Cohousing brings communal living to Manchester



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I don't know how I would have survived without Cohousing

Although I moved into cohousing in Boston more than 15 years ago I have never been so happy about my decision as I am today.

In my neighborhood we play music twice a day and come out of our units to dance and sing for a few minutes together. Some of us still get together for dinner remotely using on-line meetings. Some of us gather in small, physically distant groups outside.

One of our younger residents took advantage of her furloughed status to make weekly trips to the store to shop for those who are more at risk.

I miss the interactions we used to have and we have to get more creative when the rough weather returns, but I am rather certain I would have lost my marbles by now if we didn't live here.

Congratulations, Meg, David and Richmond Cohousing

Jeanne more than 1 year ago

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