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Richmond seeks to pull off a logistical miracle before the eyes of the bike-racing world



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$1.42 Million for police, fire, and rescue

This is a joke right? I know first hand that at this time the Police Dept. has not approved overtime pay for this race. All overtime acquired will be "re-payed" in compensatory time. The entire bike race takes place during 1 pay period for RPD. Given that the officers will likely be working 12+ hour shifts, whether for the bike race or street patrol for 7-9 days with little or no break, those officers will reach in approx 6.5 days of work. Meaning that each officer would stand to make on average an extra $1K for the other 3 days of the race on overtime pay.
So my question is? If $1.42 million has been budgeted why is the city only offering compensatory time to their police force?

Leah F. more than 6 years ago

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