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Five products that seek to improve your health and environment



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Cold Laser therapy

Thank you for including cold laser therapy in your list of alternatives. The New Generation Photobiomodulation devices are extremely effective, allowing reduction of pain and promoting healing with the first treatment. There are Medical grade devices that are FDA approved for OTC use that are what the sports teams use as well as Olympians and astronauts. Light therapy has come a long was from the days of the "class 4" where damage could be easily done. The new super pulsed technology is studied and proved to be effective, and available for at home use! Rent of purchase your Pain-Away or My Pet Laser, you too will be a believer..
Seems to me that inadequate news-coverage will keep the Big Pharma and insurance mess In charge of our health which could be very much benefited by the healing effects of light. Light it is how we are here. questions? email me

Shelley Whittington more than 4 years ago

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