Wood Work

Early days spent in their fathers’ woodshops continue to influence three furniture makers



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HI, this is a great post! I like to work with wooden products and I of course it is an amazing job! In the last decade this kind of work is growing more and more, but not for everyone unfortunately! Nowadays I think you can do a lot of new things thanks to advanced technology, you also can do it alone, it is easy and really great to see what gourgeous things you can do just by carve the wood. I used a great book with 16000 projects, you can see it here if you want to make your own wooden things, click here: http://woodworkingplans.ontrapages.com/

criss more than 1 year ago


Amazing Techniques Smart Woodworking Skills Excellence – How To Building And Making Curved Wood

shavioy more than 1 year ago

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