Readers' Favorites 2016

From architects and artisans to wallpaper and window washers, we've rounded up your top picks for everything home-related

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Church Hill Association

I don't know why anyone would nominate a community organization as corrupt as the CHA. If you disagree with then the president of the CHA call you a sociopath, mal content and mal adjusted in writing in the CHA Newsletter. This "organization " does not follow their own by laws and ignores Roberts Rulels when convent. The CHA uses it's power to promote personal agendas and projects over the protests of the greater neighborhood.Although the by laws state that meeting and committee minuets are to be made public, they are not. The CHA has gone outside of their stated purpose and represented the interest of non members over the express wishes of the membership. The person that is responsible for the infamous attack add on Buzzy's (Amy Beem) and used the CHA logo in that add is now in charge of membership. The CHA is a fading organization that has seen better times and better ethics .

jean mcdaniel more than 5 years ago

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