I Love Varina

The Route 5 corridor is a ‘worst kept secret’ | Photos by Jay Paul



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Carina Puble Library

You neglected to mention the new library, an architects’ fantasy and a book lovers’ dream. I had the pleasure of visiting it yesterday. It, alone, is worth the trip.

Jean Mccarthy 246 days ago

Varina is Not for sale! #urbanlife

Born and raised here in Varina, and we Choose to remain here to raise our family. The love, the beauty, diversity and the authentic genuine people who share the same love for this place we call home, is the reason. We like to coin our phrase, “Nothing finer than living in Varina!”

Mary Ellen Davis more than 1 year ago

Keep Varina Green

We who have lived in Varina our entire lives plan to keep it that way. we like our big yards and our wildlife. we desperately need a new high school before ANY sort of developement could even be considered in good faith by the residents of Varina.

Zachary more than 1 year ago

The best sticker...

The best bumper sticker is “Don’t Shortpump Varina”. Those who live here recognize that the suburban anonymity destroys everything that makes Varina what it is. Eastern Henrico has long been disregarded as the cheap seats. That’s fine. The people and community here are genuine and authentic, whether rich, poor or somewhere in between.

Another Come-Here more than 1 year ago


Thank you Nicole. Let's keep defending our paradise, my way of life. Gallmeyer Farms, based in Varina, is a part of both; agriculture and the tourism industries.

Stephen W. Gallmeyer Sr. more than 1 year ago

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