I Love the North Side

Stately trees, interesting architecture and friendly neighbors characterize North Side’s historic neighborhoods



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Northside Richmond Article

Ginter Park, Laburnum Park, Bellevue are lovely Northside RVA neighborhoods and I will even add in closely adjacent Sherwood Park and Rosedale to what many consider "Northside". However, you left out a huge swath of historic neighborhoods that are also part of Northside. Many predate Ginter Park and Bellevue while holding more National Historic clout as being condidered the first Street Car neighborhoods in America. These neighborhoods lie East of Chamberlayne Avenue. This area consists of North and South Highland Park, Southern and Northern Barton Heights, Ginter Park Terrace, Battery Park Terrace,Brookland Park, Norwood, Oak Park, Providence Park, Green Park,Highland Grove, Althea Park, Chestnut Hills and many other neighborhoods that were left out of this article. If you are going to write about "Northside" you should write about all of it or more closely define what Northside is in this article.

Sean more than 2 years ago

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