I Love Libbie and Grove

This popular, walkable area offers charming homes with shopping and restaurants galore



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Neighborhood Walkability

I live quite close to Libbie Grove Patterson and I believe the area could be so much more walkable than it is currently. Sidewalks are too narrow in many places and there are often streetlight poles in the middle of sidewalks blocking access. Pedestrian crossing signals are not long enough for anyone with mobility issues to cross. Most people driving refuse to yield to people in crosswalks or even slow down to turn right on red.

Getting to the neighborhood without a car can feel treacherous and I usually avoid it even though it's only short walk or bike ride away from my house. Grove and Patterson often feel like highways with people driving way to fast though our neighborhood. There are also no safe places to cross Grove from Westmoreland to Libbie. With a few minor changes this area could truly have the small town feel people moving to this neighborhood are searching for.

Mark Peterson more than 3 years ago

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