‘A House of Light’

A Westover Hills home connects its owners to the James River and showcases their art | Photos by Alexis Courtney



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Why the hate?

Everyone's house expresses who they are. You don't like the house. Guess what, your comments expresses who you are too. Why are comments even on for an article like this?

Morris Joseph more than 3 years ago

I’ve always loved this house!

Absolutely love what they’ve done with the home and that they can enjoy blending the outdoors and indoors. I always notice this house and it’s wonderful to learn more about its architectural history, the love put into it by this couple, and their appreciation for its artistic value.

Caroline Crabtree more than 3 years ago

Maybe it's the writing

There is something in the way the article is written or the pics that make the couple seem to be putting on airs. Nice house, but more like a museum than a "home" I guess.

Frank Hendricks more than 3 years ago

A beacon?

"They often have 'happy hours' on the front deck, and passersby call out greetings from the street below." and “We like to light it up at night; it’s like a beacon.” Could this be anymore about showing off your ridiculous house of windows and not about a comfortable home? Look at us! Look at us! If this home expresses who you really are, I feel sorry for you.

Veronika Shannon more than 3 years ago

Pretty but soulless

I always wonder if people really enjoy these ridiculous houses and overpriced furniture. Motorized lift for your TV? Riveted wall covering? You couldn't think of anything better to spend your money on? Ever heard the phrase "Live simply so that others may simply live"?

Julie Mason more than 3 years ago


The comment about no soul is spot-on. Seems some people's 'style' is simply to try to impress others, not an expression of themselves. This magazine highlights many houses with filled with these same motivations. Boring.

Charles Woodruff more than 3 years ago

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