The Killer Among Us

The 'Southern Nightmare' podcast revisits the Richmond murders committed in the 1980s by the Southside Strangler



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Timothy Spencer

When I was a Fairfax County police officer in 1981 I was assigned to follow and watch Timothy Spencer after we determined he was doing burglaries in our jurisdiction. As an undercover officer I watched him for a month until he realized I was tailing him. We had a run in and exchanged words and we charged him with trespassing related to the burglaries he had committed and he received 3 years in prison. He did his time and when he got out of prison he again began to commit burglaries but also began to commit murders as well. I remember when he was executed, I was supposed to attend but I had court scheduled for the next day and couldn't attend. I did attend an execution 6 years later of an unrelated murderer. Spencer and I had several exchanges before he was executed. I kept running into him at times.

Curtis A Stafford more than 1 year ago

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