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Awareness Art Ensemble brought island vibes to Richmond



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What lovely memories this band evokes. They played often at the Carolinian Hotel in Nags Head, NC in the late 1980s, and always drew a crowd. I lived near the venue and enjoyed seeing members of the band on the beach when I walked my dog. Thanks to them for the happiness they brought this young man...

Leigh Johnson 40 days ago

Loved Awareness Art Ensemble!!!!

I loved when they came to my hometown of Chapel Hill, NC. They often played in neighboring Carborro at a renovated mill called Carr Mill Mall. I remember having the honor of talking with Ola some between sets. Those shows were so incredible!

Susan Kridler more than 1 year ago

Me too

Also saw them at Carr Mill Mall and elsewhere in Chapel Hill. They were that good that I am googling them now 26 years later. Tremendous band. Great memories. Do yourself a favor and pick up Coming Home. I wish the band would release some live shows. The one I had from the DKE house was on cassette.

Scott Hammond 66 days ago

Saw them in Clemson in 88’ at The Upper Deck

Great show! As I am googling them 31 years later.

J 4 days ago

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