Mark Robinson

She was a high school valedictorian who found she hadn’t been prepared for college-level work, but she’s not giving up. Neither should we. more

Sunday Story

RPS considers the future of the ‘worst’ building in the school system. more


A rising population of young adults triggers an apartment-building boom. more


For this year's 30th survey, the editors pulled 10 category winners from the 1988 magazine and then selected who or what takes the prize today. more

Best & Worst

With renovation in the rearview, what comes next for the Black History Museum? more


Richmond Public Schools' chief operating officer takes over as interim superintendent. more

Education 1 Comments

Libertarian Cliff Hyra kicked off his 2017 campaign for Virginia governor Thursday morning, describing himself as "the only alternative to the two establishment candidates and establishment parties." more


New laws include measures to boost communication about class sizes, tuition hikes. more


Plotting the up-and-down tenure of Richmond Public Schools Superintendent Dana Bedden more


Richmond’s new mayor believes a can-do attitude will change the arc of a city government with a can’t-do-anything-right reputation. more


Mayor Levar Stoney and representatives from VCU’s Wilder School on Thursday unveiled the mayor's highly anticipated performance review of City Hall. Stoney also outlined a plan to address its recommendations. more


A high school junior asks Richmond Public Schools to rethink its open-enrollment transportation policy. more

News 5 Comments

Gov. Terry McAuliffe earns status as top vetoer in Virginia history. more


The Richmond School Board on Monday approved a severance package totaling almost $300,000 for outgoing superintendent Dana Bedden, and began to lay out next steps for choosing his replacement. more

Education 1 Comments

Drones are becoming a common site across Virginia. more


After emergency meetings held behind closed doors last week, the Richmond School Board determined it no longer desired the services of Superintendent Dana Bedden. On June 30, he will leave the school system that he has led since January 2014. more


Richmond Public Schools pilots an attendance incentive program for employees. more


The Richmond Times-Dispatch on Monday laid off 33 people, including 13 newsroom staffers, and announced it will cut certain sections in its print edition, decisions management characterized as necessary for the newspaper’s future viability. more

News 6 Comments

How city leaders can increase our revenue, broaden our tax base and save themselves future headaches more


These 15 companies get what employees want. more

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