Pizza Party in the U.S.A.

Get free Mellow Mushroom pizza tonight via the Uber app.



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pizza hut

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marcos more than 2 years ago

The New Pizza Delivery

I must admit that I tried and tried and was left pizzaless. Well, i got a slice of Mary Angela's in the end for $2.75 but it wasn't a whole free pizza so i feel a little duped. From what I've read in the news lately, Uber is looking at getting into the pizza delivery game on a larger scale. This promotion stunt seems like a good way to introduce that to consumers.
Still, I was first given the impression that I was selected and could almost count on a free pie. Then I found out all Uber users in Richmond were targeted and then that only 100 pies would be given away. I felt a bit bait and switched.

I'll still use Uber when i'm too drunk to drive myself home but this will loom in the back of my mind for a while. Whether that makes me too sensitive or making it a bigger deal than it is doesn't matter. That's the impression it left me. I don't see how it won over new customers or had any ROI. Unless it was really to introduce us to Uber Pizza delivery service.

Shaun more than 2 years ago

Total Bust

My wife and I planned to enjoy a pizza dinner last night on Uber, but we never got past the "All Cars Busy" message. I'm with the majority of folks below - this so-called promotion did nothing for me but tarnish the Uber brand. If I had known that only 100 pizzas were at stake, then obviously I wouldn't have kept trying until 9pm. The app should have notified users that they were wasting their time.

Byron more than 2 years ago

I think people are completely over reacting.

Let me preface by first saying that 1. I received a free pizza, 2. I did not know the driver, 3. It was a great marketing campaign- though poorly executed.

I was excited at the idea of receiving a free pizza when I got home and my husband told me about it! I set an alarm for 5:59 and then logged into the app and started requesting a car. I tried for about 10 minutes and then FINALLY my request got picked up. The driver met me curb side and did tell me he just found out he was doing this tonight, but he told me he thought it was pretty cool. I said thank you and that he made my night- then we got to enjoy the pizza.

The only part that I would have changed is the conveying of the details on the Uber app. When I first logged in there were no details of only 100 pizzas and 10 drivers, that would've eased the demand and perception of receiving pizza. I loved that this was even an option. It was a fun way to get the city talking about Uber and Mellow Mushroom, which are both great and fun companies.

Cheers to Richmond! And uber and the dream of free pizza!

MegAnne more than 2 years ago

Three hours and no pizza

I tried for three hours and was told they were too busy. BUST. I WAS an uber fan. Not now. Stick to what you do best.

Steph more than 2 years ago

UBER fail

Did anyone actually get a pizza? I tried ordering the entire 3 hours to no avail. After reading the UBER driver boards I don't think any of the drivers were up for delivering free pizzas.

Chris more than 2 years ago

False advertisements

Uber lied! You can read the message boards on reddit and and see that the drivers 1) didn't know anything about this 2) planned on refusing delivery or 3) used it as a ploy to charge no show fees to people who requested a ride by accident. Also, people contacted mellow mushroom in several cities and it was comfirmed uber only picked up 100 or less pizzas at 6pm. I hope the media rips uber and mellow mushroom to shreds for this-they shluld have just said first come first serve or the first 5 people because thats all (if that) that recieved pizzas per the twitter hashtag (and i wonder how many of those people are "friends" with the one uber driver lol). Failed attempt at marketing

Roe more than 2 years ago

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