The Little Science Center That Could

In 1966, six local school divisions pooled their money to start a math and science center that could be used by all their students. Fifty years later, the MathScience Innovation Center keeps forging ahead.



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Promote, promote, and promote even more what you do!

More and better PR and Marketing! Testimonials from students who have graduated from HS or Middle School? Or College graduates? My advice to parents and teachers who belong to your consortium would be -- please don't take these opportunities for granted! We live in a small, semi-rural county (near Richmond--but not too far) and our district is not a member. Our children LOVE taking your fee-based summer courses and attending your Governor's School program. Professional development for teachers is sorely needed in our community, and our students have very little in the way of STEM activities or resources. Our MS and HS do not have science fairs, math or robotics competitions, etc. We recently received ChromeBooks for our MS and HS students, but the faculty need prof. development. Your Center should offer workshops and conferences for teachers outside the consortium for STEM instructional training and computer-based learning initiatives. I realize that it would be need to be fee-based, but make the cost reasonable.

K Martell more than 1 year ago

How can we help?

As the community that values the work of MSiC, how can we support the work the center does?

Kim more than 1 year ago

To help the MSiC

Hi Kim, thanks so much for your comment ! We really appreciate the sentiment and thanks for asking what you can do to help. We are excited to embark on our 50th anniversary in August and would love for community members who love the Center to help us with committee work. We anticipate needing everything from outreach to set-up to idea-generation. Also, we are setting projections for fundraising through a capital campaign. We will roll these projections out soon. Please, please call the Center or email me, Hollee Freeman, MSiC Director and I will get in contact with you. I would love to have your momentum as we begin another exciting year!!!

Hollee Freeman more than 1 year ago

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