Times-Dispatch lays off 33

Newspaper's management says staff reductions are necessary for future viability



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I have heard of other papers outsourcing their column writers to India. Prefer to read local stories written by folks that actually live here and whom understand their readers.

Stu 347 days ago

subscription issues

The RTD doesn't do anything to simplify the subscription process. Several people I know have tried to subscribe but there's so much delinquency on the business end that they haven't even been able to sign up for the paper. I think that is the root of the problem. Along with a lack of understanding on how the Internet works, and of course not retaining talent.

Allen R 349 days ago

This could be a positive thing

By the grace of God, will changes in the newsprint edition include elimination of the Sunday Direct -- the horrible, neighborhood-littering edition the TD delivers to you whether you want it or not. All 12 or so of its loyal readers may be concerned.

Tim Harper 351 days ago

Something's fishy

I smell a rat. Just a few months ago the Times-Dispatch was claiming it was profitable, and it was even expanding its printed sections. Now, suddenly with no notice, we get this bombshell. My hunch is that this is more about bigger bonuses for the big dogs at the top of BH Media at the expense of gutting their newspapers than it is about any real problem with this newspaper.

Ed 351 days ago


“lower-than-expected” digital ad revenue. So how's that paywall (that is super easy to circumvent) working out for ya?

Ralph 351 days ago

Re: Paywall

Right?! How dare they have the nerve to seek payment for quality, local content!

Aaron 351 days ago

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