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Katz is top notch

Jeff Katz is informed, glib, creative, and entertaining. Richmond is very fortunate to have this very talented gentlemen in drive time every afternoon. Jeff, I hope you are around for a long time.

JB Benson 2 days ago

Not the brightest bulb

Katz is typical of the goof-heads that populate the 3:00 o clock hour. Glen Beck, Rush make a lot of sense. Katz just does not listen to differing opinions. And no he is not a great salesman. Will be glad to see him go.

Jonathan 8 days ago

Lady kills burglar

Jeff, I might have missed this , but in VA you are allowed to shoot in self defense, not to protect property,
Hope the young man was carrying a knife or some form of a deadly weapon, or the homeowner might be in trouble. Wasn't in the car long enough to hear everything. Enjoy your show!

Ashton Violete 196 days ago