'A Stark Reality'

Citing limited resources and neglected needs, Stoney proposes a budget that includes more money for schools, utility rate increases



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Utility Increase

I do not agree with raising our utilities, The Richmond Utility Company has a monopoly over the region and the blunt of the bill is forced upon it's citizens. It is not right ! May people can not live in their own homes because they can not afford to pay their utilities. When the utilities are cut off it becomes illegal to reside in the home and if the family has children they can not live in their homes without fear that social services will come one day and wisk their children away. As for the community wealth building program, you could make more jobs with those same funds -

Richmond 48 days ago


Why worry about city services, isn't the important thing the Redskins training camp, another bike race, interest free loans to a brewery, another foot bridge across the James and all manner of other bright and shiny things? I mean come on, let's not lose sight of what's really important to Richmond!

Fred Clam 49 days ago

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