Field Notes: Realtors Poll

Richmond Association of Realtors poll shows Jack Berry gaining ground on Joe Morrissey



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Jack Berry is a shrewd businessman who wants to run this city like a "CEO". He's all about BIG development and big shiny projects and doesn't seem interested in listening to the people of the communities that make up Richmond. We don't need that kind of "leadership".

Jeremy more than 1 year ago

It is time for Jack Berry to lead our city

Jack Berry has the proven experience - running the finances of the city when they were done right, managing a local government in Hanover, and bringing together regional leaders to work cooperatively. Sure, some haven't agreed with his stances but he has learned from each one and is ready to respond to our city's needs on day one. This isn't a stepping stone for him - this is his life's work and he is the leader we need now. The rest of the field needs to wait for another time - this is the time for Jack Berry!!!

Alice more than 1 year ago

Richmond Schools

Jack Berry is the only candidate who has set forth a comprehensive plan for addressing THE single most important issue facing Richmond - our failing public school system. He is the only candidate with the experience and ability to manage the vast machinery of the City government and its 700 million dollar budget. He can get us back on track.

ML more than 1 year ago

Jack Berry cannot be trusted.

Jack Berry is a slick salesman, but he cannot be trusted. He will say lots of things now to get elected, but he will put corporate interests over citizens if elected.

Scott more than 1 year ago


I don't know how you except him to be the only fit candidate to run this city, when under his tenture Venture Richmond ran over budget, and did not efficiency conduct events the members of Richmond really wanted.

Patricia more than 1 year ago

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