Field Notes: Michelle Mosby’s New Ride

The Richmond City Council president's mayoral campaign now boasts a new ride



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Setting a bad example breaking laws already

I've came across this vehicle twice in a week on interstate 95 in the Richmond area. The first time I had my wife and kids in the car going fast enough for the left lane... This vehicle comes flying by, almost hits the vehicle in the middle lane before cutting me off and it had to be inches from taking my front bumper off. Then today I see the vehicle coming into 95s from a on ramp, I tell myself I'm going to try and see who is actually driving but I failed because they where reaching speeds over 90 mph. Does she not have to follow speed limits?

Chris smith more than 1 year ago


Yup... "unconventional" is right. She's a "pocket pet" of the Rev. Mayor Dwight. This blows my mind, and yet it truly seems TO FIT. As a tax paying Rva'er of the 9th district for over 30 years, I feel the need to pretend I'm from somewhere else. Dayum,..... fo sho.

rhodonna more than 2 years ago

Let's be clearer

Reasons to think Michelle Mosby is a poor candidate:

1) She's supported everything our corrupt and inept mayor has done. Our mayor didn't run the city into the ground by himself. He was helped at every step of the way by Michelle Mosby, Jack Berry, and a very large number of First Baptist Church members.

2) She is supported by people who drive cars like this. This car should be seen as a ostentatious symbol of what Mosby and Jones have done to the city: neglected the fundamentals in favor of flashy, poorly designed and executed projects that continue to drag the city down financially.

Richmond Voter more than 2 years ago

Wrong message

Got a city w HUGE financial issues and you let anyone put that on their cadillac? I might suggest the lady has problems with proper judgement. I wouldn't vote for her just on that alone. SMH

Richmond Resident more than 2 years ago

What a Joke

Quite sure the article did not misrepresent anything here. But nice try on behalf of of the truck owner. Overall it hurts mosbys position, in my opinion. At least half of Richmond will laugh at that junker and hopefully be motivated to get out and vote for a different candidate.

Kevin Jasp more than 2 years ago

Let's be clear

What is interesting about the Richmond Mag article written by Mark Robinson inappropriately and errantly labeled "Mosby's New Ride" is how disinterested Mark is in reporting facts and how hell bent he is in portraying mayoral candidate Michelle Mosby in a negative light.
As Michelle Mosby's campaign has been labeled unconventional from the start so has Mark's reporting of candidate Mosby reflected an inability to be objective and a personal bias. I know what Mayoral Candidate Mosby's endgame is, she believes herself to be the best candidate for mayor and is putting her best foot forward; what I don't know is what Mark's end game is. Hiding behind the veneer of journalism, Mark openly criticizes city government (perfectly fine and in some cases even justified) but it seems as if they are much more transparent than Mark in their intentions. Like the Mayoral 2016 symposium (conveniently mentioned in Mark's article originally ran by the Richmond Times Dispatch ) that was brought to Richmond to highlight African American Female Mayors and not to kick off anyone's mayoral campaign(a fact the organizers to this day assert), this particular effort (my vehicle) was undertaken by a private citizen and was completely independent of the Michelle Mosby Campaign. Citizens do have a right to be civically minded and engaged as well as to support who they want in a manner that their resources allow. As with the mayoral summit there wasn't any reporting necessary because campaign funds were not used nor were these even in-kind contributions. In both cases State Election upheld that these were not violations, why it is being reported as such is unbeknownst to me. Maybe had Mark done his homework (or even cared to do so) I could have told him that Mayoral Candidate Michelle Mosby had no knowledge whatsoever of my personal preference for my personal vehicle until she saw it recently; perhaps that is why candidate Mosby failed to offer comment for Mark's article- maybe she already knew that would be a slight "integrity issue"not on her side as Mark's article intimates but on the reporter's side. At any rate thanks for the free pub on my vehicle ..that's less driving I'll have to do around the city to let Richmonders know who they should be voting for come November. One more thought what in the world does my Cadillac have to do with Richmond's 26% poverty rate or even the Administration's handling of it? (Michelle Mosby isn't a part of the Administration but Council -at least not yet Mark) You see one has absolutely nothing to do with the other so the fact that you even mention the two in the same breath given the magnitude of the issue of poverty is a disgrace to the standard of journalism you want me to believe you maintain. Again great article I appreciate the pub.

Cee Cee more than 2 years ago

Re: Let's be clar

Hi Cee Cee, thanks for your comment. Would you mind giving our reporter Mark Robinson a call at 804-355-0111 x. 327 or emailing him at Thank you!

Samantha Willis, Richmond magazine online editor more than 2 years ago

Cadillac Escalade EXT

MPG: 13 city / 18 highway ... wonder if those cheap rims are going to impact mileage. I guess it's a good thing gas prices aren't that high because otherwise I know where a lot of campaign funds would be going.

I mean, come on, that thing doesn't even have the benefit of a normal Escalade's 3-row seating.

JH more than 2 years ago

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